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Singer Sewing Machine Side Table – Furniture Flip

April 15, 202249 second read

During our Modern Farmhouse Living Room design project, our client sent us a few photos of an old Singer sewing table base that belonged to her husband’s family. It had been in the garage for a while and asked if there was any way we could incorporate it into our project.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!!!! We love giving items a new life and purpose, especially ones that have sentimental value.

The base was in great shape, no rust, and did not even need a paint job. We took a trip to Homesense and found a wood serving tray large enough to cover the top and secured it to the base by drilling small bolts through the tray to the existing holes on the top of the base.

A small plant to tie it into the decor, and done! Our client kept this as a surprise (love) for her husband and he was very happy to see it out of the garage and finally being used.

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