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Multifunctional Cabinet Flipped

January 3, 202349 second read

In the recent Dining Room Upgrade post, a request from our client was to figure out a way to help hide the clutter that always landed in the dining room. The dining room is right next to the front door and because of this, packages, school projects, devices to be charged, and even the dog’s supplies landed here. Our solution was to find a corner cabinet that could not only provide storage and a place to tuck away deliveries, but also to hide the multiple cords and docking stations for devices. We found a great cabinet on Facebook Marketplace for $25, fixed it up, painted it a delicate pale blue, lined in interior of the cabinet with a beautiful blue grass cloth wallpaper and added new knobs. We also drilled a hole in the back to snake through a power strip to hold and hide all the chargers. Done!

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