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Dining Room Upgrade

December 29, 202247 second read

This dining room has a ton of functions in this home. Storage, package receiving area, school project home base, and even a back up place to do hair in the busy mornings! Storage and organization was a big priority for this project. The dining set was all in very good shape, and replacing it was not an ecological or economical decision so we brought in shades of cool blues and grays to tone down the heavy oranges and browns.

Whitney did her magic on the client’s existing buffet (post coming), and we thrifted a corner cabinet for $20 and flipped it. The inside was wallpapered and we drilled a hole in the back to snake an extension cable to hide away a charging station. (also coming in the next post).

A bench with baskets created a space to tuck away other everyday items, shades for the chandelier, and few pieces of art brought the space together.

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