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Office Closet Alcove and Family Room Combination

August 17, 202245 second read
Alcove Closet turned into a home office

We had a lot of fun with this project. Our clients had just moved into their new home and wanted to convert an extra downstairs bedroom into a combination of a family room with an office space for working from home. The challenge here was how to make the office space feel like it wasn’t shoved into a family room and how to have a family room that didn’t feel centered around a desk. The closet was the answer. Closets have been converted into offices, reading nooks, dressing spaces, etc. so the concept wasn’t new, but the chance to build one was for us.

The family room portion of the space still felt like its own room and had plenty of soft furnishings for the toddler in the family to play on. The ottoman turns on its base and became a new toy. :)

Washable rug (our fav) pulled the space together.

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