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Family Room Refresh

August 30, 20222 minute read

There are so many little details that we loved about this project. First of all, our client family was so lovely, and was a reunion of sorts after not connecting for many years. Love that it brought us back in touch!

The family room was in good shape to begin with, but the clients felt it was a little tired and in need of a refresh. We decided that new sofa was needed, however that was not going to be ordered for a few weeks after their vacation so I will try to remember to post an additional photo with that change!

The main part of the room received a new rug (yes… it is washable!), upholstered blue and cream ticking ottoman, new chair, a restored and painted side table, and lots of little decorative items including getting some family photos up on the walls.

The fireplace was already beautiful, it just needed to be uncovered a bit. We organized and moved all of the toys into the back hallway, hung an updated mirror, and a couple of baskets to hold the needed odds and ends.

This area near the entry became a catch all for school items, papers, etc. Whitney did her magic on that console table and updated it with a beautiful charcoal gray paint. Wow! We found larger and deeper baskets to be able to still have a place to put temporary items, but hide them away a little better. The moody art landscape gave the space a little movement, and of course, some decorative accents to tie it together.

I think the entry was one of our favorite moments. We decided to give it a personality with peel n stick grass cloth wallpaper in navy. We like to use removable to not damage the walls and to give space later down the road to change it easily. Some new paint, new shelf, and runner.

A few other upgrades happened in the back hallway and a new rug for under their dining table brought this project to a close. Awesome!

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