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The Mermaid and the Rainbow (Part 2)

October 9, 202243 second read

Onto our mermaid! This is the second room that we completed in this home. Take a look at the rainbow inspired room if you missed it. From up in the cloud we dove beneath the sea to bring calming blues, purples and pinks to this girl’s bedroom.

The lofted bed created a needed desk space not only for homework, but also a station for sewing. Another station was created with a sherpa bean bag for reading and relaxing. A new dresser was brought in creating organization for all of the categories of clothes. A thrifted tall mirror was painted in the colors of the room and thrifted picture frames painted and covered in matching fabric to create custom pin boards for photos, stickers, and little mementos. A washable rug grounded the bed area and tied in the theme. Fun! Thank you to a fantastic family!

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