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The Mermaid and the Rainbow (Part 1)

October 8, 20222 minute read

What could be more fun than creating a rainbow and mermaid themed room for two beautiful girls? Ummm… nothing! We involved Mom, and the two girls to create Pinterest boards with us to be sure we were heading in the right direction and off we went. The requirements – new lofted beds with desks, a space to read and relax, and LOTS of color!! We got this!

Starting with our Rainbow bright, lofting the bed (thanks to Dad) made a huge difference in this space and allowed for a desk for homework and crafts below. We added a curtain rail and curtain to the lower space to make a fun little private spot (of course there are string lights under there for night time). A new washable rug and cuddly sherpa bean bag chair gave spaces for different activities making the room already open up incredibly and become more functional. Replacing the dark furniture with white options was a must to lighten and brighten the space.

The closet door was already removed to eliminate the heavy swinging door that required too much real estate when opened and replaced with a rainbow pompom curtain on rings to hide clutter and tie in the rainbow theme. A thrifted chair was painted with multi-color spindles, a matching painted desk light, and homemade pin board with rainbow fabric kept the color coming! Next….. the Mermaid room!

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