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Bright and airy sunroom and dining room update

May 17, 20222 minute read

Our client’s rooms in her house had turned into multi-function spaces; storage, gym, workspace… and not like a sunroom and dining room they started out as. So many of us can empathize with this, especially after being locked down in our homes from COVID. The goal with this project was to revive the sunroom and dining room into places she could relax and entertain without all the clutter of everyday life taking over.

The sunroom got a lift with breezy white linen curtains and fresh new slipcovers for her existing sofa and chair. Small touches like a coat of white paint and new shades for a dated ceiling fan make a big difference.

We used a lot of thrifted and flipped pieces for this room- the tv table was a $25 find, the coffee table was also $25- and the real gem was the console table and upholstered stools- these babies will get post all their own soon!

Incorporating her existing family photos into coordinating frames and adding books and decor of her own really finishes the space off in a comfortable and personal way.

The dining room was home to a dining set that is very sentimental to our client. She and a friend spent a great deal of time together painting it a weathered sage. We had thought to maybe refinish the set, but instead, we decided to work the color and soothing tones into the rest of the room. Abstract art found at Home Goods was a great tie-in. Curtains hung higher and wider framed the beautiful windows.

The heirloom china cabinet wasn’t getting the attention it deserved so we moved it across the room and used a beautiful, vintage feeling floral peel-and-stick wallpaper to add some personality. The client’s own dishes and pieces look so elegant on the new backdrop.

One last little touch was to give the front hall a little personality- and a little leftover wallpaper added to the back of the hall table gave it some new life. (Whitney also wallpapered a candle… can’t waste this great stick on paper, right??)

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