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Fun and Functional Family Living Room and Den Makeover

May 26, 20223 minute read
Refreshed living room

What a fun space to work in (and family to work with)!! Our client works extremely hard, selflessly gives her time to the community and schools, all on top of balancing full-time work and three amazing kids. This space needed to be a relaxing space to unwind at the end of the day, but needed little pops of color and pattern to reflect the energy and passion of our client.

The first things we did to prep were to paint the entryway a deep blue to make an impact from the first step inside. The second was to whitewash the fireplace to lighten up the brick and give it an easy update. New mirrors and accessories reflected more light, and we repurposed an old bookshelf to place behind the front door to keep shoes and boots out of sight.

The living room came together by continuing the blue from the entry into the art, pillows, and a new blue velvet loveseat. Whitney thrifted the coffee table from our friends at Remix Market in Stamford and did a killer job refinishing it with a soft, matte black paint to take the everyday use of its surface. A new washable rug (so practical with kids and a dog) and some accessories polished off the room.

The den was a place to add a little more pattern and have some fun. Our goal was to let the space be for the boys to do homework or have a playdate- however, we also wanted the room to be a place to tuck away and read a book. The existing rug was in great condition and had lots of fun color to pick up on. We moved the second loveseat from the living room into the den- no need to buy new. The existing red loveseat was listed by us and picked up via Facebook Marketplace. Chevron curtain panels with sheers, another amazing Whitney furniture flip on the existing coffee table, (to match the blue in the rug and entry) pulled the two rooms together.

The bookshelf was a thrifted find and the scale worked perfectly to organize books and few accessories. Reframing existing family photos brought the wall together.

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