About Us

Whitney and Meredith, Curated Casa

Whitney and Meredith, Owners of Curated Casa

Whitney was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and has six plus years of experience working in high-end interior design. After moving to New York, she began flipping furniture and designing thoughtful spaces for friends and discovered that her true passion is the challenge of designing on a budget and creating beautiful and functional solutions. A love of thrifting, DIY, and a gift for organizing is what helped to form Curated Casa.

Meredith has a degree in Textile Styling from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and a Masters in Instructional Design. She spent twenty-one years working at FIT with both instructors and design students. Her real passion is using her sewing and upholstery skills, picking fabrics, colors and patterns that inspire. Mixing older furniture with modern decor and textiles was the the second half of the recipe to develop the Curated Casa partnership.

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